PRE-ORDER Type 6 Natural- Pampas Grass


Type 6 is by far our most popular pampas grass since opening our store!
Color: Natural (nude color) can have blonde hues naturally, depending on how the light hits the plumes. It can also have grey, brown and green undertones. 
Dimension: Our Small Type 6 Pampas Grass stems are around 3.6-4 feet, and the ultra-soft plumes are roughly 2-3 feet. The stems can be trimmed to ensure they will work in any space. Keep in mind these were living plants, and all differ; therefore, some plumes grow longer than others. 
Use:  Style in your home on a table or the floor in a vase. Ideal for enhancing the beauty of wedding arches or creating a whimsical feel by lining the wedding aisle.
Story: Our Small Type 6 Pampas Grass is perfect for styling all together in a floor arrangement vase or trimmed down for a more intimate tabletop vase.  The coloring that is present in our Type 6 ties together the decor in any home or wedding. 
Care: Blow-dry on a low heat power setting to fluff the plumes. Once dried, the plumes do not have the same texture as an ordinary dried flower; they become soft, similar to a feather, and are less likely to break.
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