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PRE-ORDER Luxe B Promo Pack White + Palm Leave Spears

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Item details:

Promo Details:

-2 spears- Your choice of colours from the list below.
-1 bundle of 25 stems of type 5 bleached white. 1.5 feet inches long
-1 bundle of 25 stems bleached white bunny tails. 22 inches long.

These are natural plants; none will ever be the same.

Colour: Bleach White

If you are new to purchasing "bleach white" pampas, please read our blog explaining what "bleach white" means in pampas terms; this is linked below:

Click here for our blog post on "Bleach White" pampas
Click here for our processing times and shipping details
Click here for our blog post on palm leaves


  • Type 5: Blow-dry on a low heat and power setting to fluff the plumes. 
  • These pieces are fragile as they are dried palms and dried pampas grass; please handle them with care.
  • These are easily trimmed with garden shears or sharp scissors.

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