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Sets: Each bundle includes approximately 50 stems. 
Colour:  Pink.  Depending on how each stem absorbs the bleach or color, the tones of our bunny tails can differ. Please message us with any questions or concerns.
Dimension: The total length of our bunny tails is roughly 22 inches. Some stems may come shorter than others. These are also real so you will notice some steam has curls in the stems, some stand up straight and some have larger bunny tops while some are smaller.
Use: Style in a minimalist vase on your coffee or console table to add a little extra luxury to any room. 
Story: Dried bunny tails (also known as lagurus grass) is perfect for home decor or making floral arrangements. It’s a stunning addition to a centrepiece. People enjoy styling it for weddings as it can be cost-effective by putting it in small votives or vases.
Care: The bunny tail stems are fragile as they are a dried floral product. These are easily trimmed with garden shears to fit any style or size of vase. 
Please Note: 
All our dried floral and pampas come scented with our signature pampas spray that is launching soon. If you prefer to have your items unscented please connect by email.
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