Luxe B Pampas Grass

Natural Boho Arrangement + Gold Coast Vase


This beautiful arrangement can be used in your home, wedding centerpiece, or even your bridal bouquet. 

We have included our banksia, bleached white type 10 white, natural bunny tails, bleached white type 5, preserved coccolus, and sertia. Each bundle may not be the same as each piece of dried floral is different. 


  • Please handle with care as this is a real dried flower and is fragile, these can be trimmed with floral shears. 
  • Upon receiving these items, they feel damp or waxy to the touch since they are preserved, not dried. The Luxe B team recommends leaving them out to dry by a window before styling. Likewise, the stem is fragile therefore we also recommend reinforcing it with floral wire to ensure durability.

Please Note:
  • these items are preserved, please note the solution used to preserve florals has an odor.
  • All our dried floral and pampas come scented with our signature pampas spray that is launching soon. If you prefer to have your items unscented please connect by email.


The entire arrangement is between 24-28 inches tall. The vase alone is 4" x 8.75"

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