Hi guys, Madeleine MacKenzie here! 

Born and raised on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. I spent the majority of my life on or near the water. You could often find me lounging at the beach or sailing the Atlantic Ocean. In the middle of my university career, I took a leap and moved to the West Coast of the USA for an internship, thus beginning my connection to the Sunshine State. I quickly fell in love with the natural beauty found all around the state and ended up planting strong roots in California for 10 years. When visiting California, you can find luxurious pampas grass lining the hills and towering over the beach fronts. Pampas Grass is an incredibly stunning feature on your kitchen table, styled in your entry way or simply in a minimalist vase in any corner of your home.  

It's an incredible feature for any special event or wedding. Pampas is increasingly becoming a staple in weddings across the world. We love seeing it lining aisles in vases, gracefully draped over arches, or delicately put in bridal bouquets. 
What's next with Luxe B? The inspiration I gained from my time spent in California has opened my eyes to designing more boho home decor pieces. I am always at the drawing board and trying to create new amazing pieces for my collection. I am happy to say we now wholesale our pampas and dried flowers to many boutiques and business in North America.  Follow my team on social media, we are very excited to share our journey with you.
Most of all, I love all the beautiful pictures my supporters and community share with me. 

I am forever grateful for you all. 

XO Madeleine