Pampas grass care tips- Luxe b pampas grass

A lot people may be new to this trending product and may have some questions on how to take care of this beautiful style of ornamental grass. Good news, pampas grass doesn't require much care!  Below our some care tips for our Luxe B Pampas Grass pieces:

Caring for your Pampas Grass




We recommend keeping your pieces out of direct sunlight. Environments with a lot of humidity or dried heat are not good for these pieces. We recommend keeping them in a place that is neither damp nor dry. Do not keep your pampas next to heat source such as a fireplace or candle. It is a dried item and could become flammable.



When receiving our larger pampas and some of our smaller dried grass, we recommend lightly hair drying them. This will help puff the plumes up. They may appear flat from being in transit and this trick will certainly help. They also will puff up naturally once you have placed them in a vase and let the air circulate around them. 

For most of our pieces, we keep the stems longer so that you can cut the pieces to the vase of your choice. We recommend taking your time cutting the stems. We like to use garden shears or sharp scissors. We cut them inch by inch and place them in the vase until we find the desired height.  



A very common question we get here at Luxe B is "should I hair spray my pampas?" We do see a lot of videos of people recommending to do this, but at Luxe B, we only hairspray our items if we notice over time that the items are shedding. Hair spray can take the softness away from the plumes, so we only recommend using hair spray if you truly need to. 

We love how these pieces add a beautiful natural element to your space and we look forward to seeing how you style our pieces! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Luxe B Care team at Please check out our youtube channel, Tiktok, and instagram platform for more tips!  

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