Sun Spear Palm Leaves & Sun Palm Fan Leaves- Luxe B Pampas Grass


Palm leaves!  We never imagined when we imported an entire Sea Can of palm leaves in 2020 that we would completely sell out!



Our most frequent asked question of 2021 was "when are we going to restock Type 6 Pampas " and "when will we get more Palm Leaves?" Well, good news, we have plenty of our Luxe B palm leaves in stock!  



When we launched our boho decor business, we first launched our pampas line. We soon realized that palms and pampas went hand in hand.




Palm leaves have been such a perfect addition to our collection, our customers love them as it brings a sense of tropical serenity to your home or even office space. We soon realized that the hot ticket item was our Sun Palm Fan Leaves- Bleach White.

They were by far our most popular and we couldn’t keep them on our shelves. We are excited about these new palms as we will be carrying two types of white colouring. Our bleach white version and our white washed version.

Our Sun Palm Fan Leaves- Bleach White:



Our Sun Palm Fan Leaves- Painted Wash:



We also carry a gorgeous Sun Palm Fan Leaves- Painted Pink Wash:


We also carry our Natural Sun Spears Palm Leaves. They are super popular for people who want a more earthy component to their designs.


We love seeing these pieces styled into your home and special events. They are gorgeous styled alone or with our dried florals. Here is our Sun Spear Palm Leave- Painted white wash mixed with some of our dried florals.



If you need any recommendations, certainly reach out via Instagram or to our care team at Pinterest is also a wonderful place to find inspiration for all your creative projects!

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