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Hello everyone!  Welcome to Luxe B Pampas Grass!  As you may know, our brand specializes in dried flowers, pampas grass, and curated home decor pieces. We truly appreciate your interests in our Luxe B wholesale program! We decided to dedicate this blog post on the topic of our pampas wholesale, dried flower wholesale, and wholesale decor options. We have been an online store for almost 3 years, we happily ship our pieces in Canada and the United States. We are excited to say that our wholesale options cater both to Canada and the United states. You are welcome to be part of our Wholesale Canada program or Wholesale USA program.


Luxe B couldn't be more thrilled to share our beautiful items with other people in commerce. Since launching our business, people have always asked if Luxe B Pampas Grass offers wholesale? Our inbox would get saturated with questions on where we source our dried flowers and pampas items. We are now happy to be able share our pieces with other businesses in North America.

Above is a basket of our rabbit tails in pink, we've included some of our smaller forms of dried grass in our wholesale options.

Many people who have looked into sourcing pampas and dried flowers know that it can be challenging to find good quality pieces. We have worked long and hard on sourcing some of the best-dried florals and pampas providers worldwide. We have thrived on forming good relationships with our farmers. Included in our wholesale program, we also will be offering some of our favourite curated decor pieces such as some of our Luxe B signature vases.


Above is our Mojave vase and Boho Recycled Glass Beads in Pink, these items will be part of our wholesale options.



Our recycled glass boho beads in Black, Frosted White, and Pink will be part of our wholesale offerings.



Our Vallejo vase in our smaller and larger size will also be part of our offering. A lot of our customers love buying this option as a set.



Our Bistro Vase and Type 8 "New Bud" Bleach White Pampas Grass will be part of the offering.



We are continuously adding new pampas pieces and dried floral options. Our wholesale program caters to retail boutiques as well florists / event planners looking to use our pieces in their designs. 



This is our faux accent artificial pampas grass in cream and mojave vase promo pack. One of our most popular arrangements to date. This option will be accessible on wholesale.



This is our Cream Faux. Our most popular larger artificial pampas. This item compliments a lot of people's decor items. 

If you are interested in applying for our wholesale program, please fill out the form linked below, and one of the Luxe B Team members will get in touch with you.


Wholesale Program Signup

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You are also welcome to connect with us at: info@luxebpampasgrass.com; we are happy to answer any questions!

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