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 This is Seven Magic Mountains located a quick drive outside of the city! 

So things have slightly changed since my younger years (aka my 20’s) when I would go to Vegas. It was a place I’d frequent often with my friends for a weekend getaway. My trips were about where I could find the cheapest drinks,  where do girls get in for free, and who had the best pool parties on the strip! lol We love curating these very fast content trips where we focus on product branding and photos. This time we had the opportunity to align the content with some of the best things I've ever done in Las Vegas. Things have slightly changed since my younger years and it’s now important for me to find places when I travel where I can eat healthy, be productive & get my sweat on and also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.




My sister joined me on this trip (Jeanine)  and one thing we like to do is chase the perfect sunrise/sunset.  It truly is worth getting up at the crack of dawn to catch these moments. Vinny, my photographer, is an adventurous soul like myself and he suggested we check out the Valley of Fire.



It’s a state park located roughly one hour from Las Vegas. It truly is an absolutely breathtaking landscape and we arrived at sunset and realized we needed to come back the next morning to enjoy more time!  So we got up at 4:00 am the next morning so we could arrive for the sunrise. Let me tell you, it was worth it! Driving in at dusk was spectacular! The colours of the red sandstone and Aztec sandstone reflecting on the morning sun was unlike anything I’d ever seen. We shot some magnificent content and rewarded ourselves with a hike to the fire wave.  It’s only about a 1.5 mile hike into one of the most mesmerizing places I’ve ever seen. Bring water! It’s 100% worth it!



One of our evenings we took a little drive to Seven Magic Mountains which is a public art installation in the desert located about 15 miles south of Las Vegas. We first arrived at 5 :00 pm and it was filled with people taking selfies! Lol! We were overwhelmed with the amount of people and made a decision to come back the next day for the sunrise. The next morning, it was like our own private canvas. We couldn’t get over how beautiful it was and how the sun reflected through the art.  Plus we loved the pink that matched luxe b pampas aesthetic! Located in that part of the desert you will find Joshua trees. Just a step away from Seven Magic Mountains, we found some of the most beautiful desert plants and we had to stop for this shot!  


Vegas is always such a blast but this trip we really got to explore some amazing places outside of the city! I highly recommend renting a car and getting out and exploring this wonderful state!


Check out our video below on our trip to Las Vegas! 


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