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When I started my business out of a storage locker in California over two years ago, I never envisioned my brand would take off the way it has. I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia; a beautiful, oceanside city on the east coast of Canada. In my early 2, I moved to California for an internship and s for over ten years. When people ask me about the influence behind my business, it certainly has been inspired by coastal living. Nothing brings me more motivation than the beauty & serenity of the ocean.


I always had my head in the clouds when it came to interior design, but I m as I continued working in the home decor space. I was always passionate about decor and how it could completely transform a room. I wanted to sell products that brought life and light to everyone's spaces.

I posted my first item on Etsy with a video of myself talking about the product. To my surprise, people started connecting with me and buying my pieces. In the last two years, my brand has evolved from selling strictly to trendy dried floral arrangements, and now we even carry curated home decor.


The backbone o my brand has always been the community I've connected with on my social media platforms and the f employees that work for me. I am lucky to have a fantastic team here at Luxe B that brings so much to the table. 

We are all excited about this next chapter. To establish ourselves as yplier and a brand that carries gorgeous decor pieces imported from all corners of the globe and influenced b many different backgrounds.
Stay tuned for what will come next with our brand! 

As always, please reach out to our care team with any questions. We are always happy to connect with you. Our care team can be reached at: info@luxebpampasgrass.com.

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